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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles Don’t depend on the gang and be complacent. My father is inside with out a hawthorn, maintain your eyes peeled. Your command, my woman. I hope you shouldn’t have a deficiency. Aside from our pusats? My Bala, how lengthy will this chick be speaking to you want that? Gonca is a visitor, we’re a visitor, let’s check out our work. That is Söğüt. And there are Bozüyük, İnönü and Eskişehir on this area to the south. There are Bilecik and Yarhisar to the north. In our west, there may be Bursa. And between Bursa and us is İnegöl.

Probably the most infamous of the kefir is İnegöl tekfur.

It not solely interferes with massive markets and commerce routes. It refers back to the lives of Muslims at each alternative. What a decided place this fortress is.  Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles And after the conquest, many strikes will probably be opened. The Alps. Now you possibly can see. Who’re you? İnegöl tekfuru is in Constantine. If we don’t transfer, he’ll come again to drive all of the Turkmen beys from these ends. What do you imply by the transfer, Mr Osman? I say that permit’s unite our alps, let’s be collectively.

Let’s cross the market place and attain İnegöl.

Let’s disconnect all of the connections of İnegöl Fort by way of Kestel, Bilecik and Keles roads. And allow us to conquer İnegöl Fort with the shouts of Allah. Mr Osman, if you say İnegöl fortress, the color of the matter adjustments. However a lion who takes Uluca Hisar fortress will in fact additionally take İnegöl fortress. I’ve full confidence in you. Your father Ertuğrul Gazi left one other Osman Bey, apart from Kayı, to the Turks, in order that Hak Çalabım be happy with him. Thanks, thanks, Mr Umur. Kurulus Osma Season 2 Episode 54 

In Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles I hope we’ll honour İnegöl with Islam and Turkishness. God keen. And İnegöl fortress would be the greatest fortress we conquered in these lands. I hope Osman Bey. God keen. My gents! An effort is our reward from Allah. Amine. The Alps! Comes from the kitchen! Lets! Give weapons to the gents! The Alps! Get out, guys! Lets! Lets! Dad are you okay! Cowl all of the holes!

You’ll maintain the entries and exits,shut all of the holes! Cerkutay!

Wrap up, guys! The Alps! Wrap it up! Father, are you okay, father, who did this to you! Father! The Alps! Shield the gents! The place did they enter from? We’ll discover, we’ll discover siblings. Come on, brother, come on! The place was the physician! Name the physician! The place was the physician! You guys this manner! Hope, sir! Hope, sir!

My daughter is casual, I entrust the oba to you.

maintain again! Maintain on, dad! The place was the physician! Who’re they? Who’re they! The place was the physician! Dad open your eyes daddy! You protected your toe properly, Osman Bey! Which panhandle’s arrow is that this? Which panhandle’s arrow is that this? Father maintain on! Grasp on father! Dad open your eyes! Father maintain on dad maintain on! Grasp on father! Dad open your eyes! Grasp on father! How can this be regardless of all these precautions,

a lot management! How might you say that, how might this occur?

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles You say! How are gents attacked in my presence in my naïve? Say it! How! Reply me. Reply me! Mr Bamsi. Brother. You come. It. That is the Dodurga stamp. Mr İvaz. This isn’t doable, Mr Osman. I don’t suppose Ivaz Mind will do such a factor, even when he doesn’t have a second with us. That is the satan’s work. Satan’s work. How can we ensure of that, sir? The Alps! Prepare. Sadly, the reason for the poison within the arrow has worsened.

We’ll watch for therapeutic from Allah. Will we wait?

How can we wait? Do one thing! Let him discover the therapeutic! Do one thing! I can’t watch for my dad to die. I’ll go and put together a remedy immediately. We’ll discover out who did this to my father and punish him, Mr Bahadır. Collect the Alps quick! Let’s perceive what the matter is. It’s your command, Malhun lady. If one thing occurs to you . . I set all these ends on hearth! We got here to depend on Osman Bey’s phrase and assurance. Virtually all of us could be dying. So we made a mistake in trusting it. Many of the gents have already got down to flip again. We made a mistake and an enormous mistake.

The martyrdom of the gents he had invited earlier than

ought to have been a lesson to us. Now just isn’t the time to speak about this, gents. Prosecutor! Whereas Osman Bey couldn’t guarantee the security of his personal inventory, he additionally bought up. . He talks about conquering the İnegöl fortress. Let’s overlook every little thing and discuss this! He certainly talks about conquering the İnegöl fortress. Will even be. If you wish to be part of the reward of this conquest, too. He thinks properly, he thinks properly, however to begin with, he has to search out his enemies. In any other case, our ending will probably be like

Burhan and Ali gents. Osman Bey additionally took revenge

on the martyrs. Why don’t you discuss it? Earlier than you turn into a martyr, it is advisable to contemplate a precaution, Mr Dündar. We’ll inform him what we predict, even when Osman Bey returns from Dodurga overweight. Mr Osman! No, Osman Bey, the place is he like that / You mentioned toy, we got here. We trusted his phrase of assure. Is that your phrase? Is that this your collateral? Malhun hatun, don’t say phrases that you don’t want in anger. My anger just isn’t clouding my thoughts, Mr Osman.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles

It was my confidence in you that shadowed my thoughts.

In any other case, this stuff wouldn’t occur to us. Malhun lady, get out of my means. Let him retreat in order that I can discover this treacherous individual as quickly as doable! Is there one thing you understand? Inform me if there may be one. I can’t implicate anybody till the reality is revealed. So you don’t have any proof. You have got doubts. I need proof, Mr Osman, I desire a value. I need blood for our blood. Go forward, Osman. It’s understood. The Alps! The mountains we belief are snowy.

یہاں کلک کریں ⤵️

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