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Install FB Lite Download – See How Easy It Is To Install

The new trend of latest applications is the messenger apps or also known as email programs or web applications and that is why I am writing this article about the new version of messenger lite, the fb lite. Facebook messenger has been an application that everyone who is online use, and now also on to mobile devices. This application is very easy and simple to use because all you need is an internet connection and you are ready to go. You do not need to install it on your PC or laptop, just simply download it to your mobile and start using. With a messenger program like Facebook messenger, you don’t need to be scared of getting unknown emails because all your contacts are with you can choose to ignore the mail if you think that the person is not worthy of your time and attention.

fb lite download


The application has two modes and that is the low or medium speed mode and the high speed mode, so whichever one you prefer, it is up to you. When you are already in the application, click on the menu or navigation bar of the page and you will find different options or settings. In this section, there is a check box called “ui settings”, you need to select it and then click the plus sign next to it. After you do that, a big list of options or settings will appear, choose the one that matches your preference or choice. When it is finished, the page will open, just click the down arrow next to “messenger” and a messenger will appear on your screen. You can use the text box or input field to type some text and that’s about it.


Upon opening the Facebook lite messenger, we can see a wide interface with blue links and text boxes all over it. At first glance, everything seems to be in order but upon closer inspection, we can notice a couple of things that are not familiar to us. For instance, the bottom navigation bar seems to be a bit disorganized compared to the upper bar which contains more options or settings. It is also not possible for me to click the right button without hovering my cursor over it. This is when I decide to download the Facebook lite download to solve these little issues. Facebook Lite Apk


Upon opening the Facebook messenger lite app, we can see several icons such as “profile”, “cover picture”, “notification center” and many others. Under the cover picture icon, we can see the default photo of our face but we can change it by clicking on the link that says “change photo”. Under the notification center, we can see several icons including the clock, news, contacts, and so on. We can also click on the calendar icon, which opens up our calendar so we can keep track of our daily events.


Upon clicking the menu, we can find two options: one is the free download and the other is the Commercial version. Upon selecting one, we can view the settings tab which enables us to switch between various features of the Facebook messenger lite app. The only thing left now is to choose the installation file. Since this is an original Facebook application, it is installed as a system file which means that we need to copy it to the system folder of our PC in order to use the application. Furthermore, we also have to install the Google Play app which will allow us to play games using the Google Android app.


Upon clicking the installation process, we can already see our profile page along with our current messages and tasks. Upon tapping on “New Lites”, we can see the word “lite” and a link which lead us to the download page of the application. We have to follow the prompts and select the option of copying the installer file. Afterwards, we have to let the program install all the files and settings of the messenger app. We can also tap on the installation finish tab to complete it.


When everything is completed, we should then try to open the messenger app. After a few seconds, we should be able to see an interface like that of the fb lite download page. We can see an option for changing the background and an option for changing the icons. We have to change these accordingly to give our device a unique look. We have to highlight the feature that we want to modify and click on the plus sign next to the item. This will bring out the edit screen of our gadget.


Upon selecting any of the icons, we have to type out our preferred text according to the size of our text box. Afterwards, we have to press on the save button in order to make our changes. Upon successful modification of the fb lite download, we have to restart the application to see whether there are any changes. If there are, we can enjoy the seamless operation of the messenger app.

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