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Why You Need the Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is currently being launched late next year to replace the popular Pages Manager application. The new suite will consist of three applications instead of two. These three apps are: Home, Work, and Contact. Facebook is hoping to make these applications all more useful for employees and managers. The aim of this new suite is to provide an easier interface for managing work life in one go.

facebook business suite


Home is a simple app that gives you the ability to manage your Facebook business account from within your home. You can add people, events, and calendars to this app to keep up with your personal and professional life. This is the easiest way to manage multiple accounts from a central location.


Work is a web-based app that lets you keep track of projects, tasks, notes, and calendar to help you run a more streamlined business. You can use the app to: track meetings, tasks, notes and goals, share files, and much more. This is how you can organize all your information from one place. The app notifies you of important events such as appointment reminders, messages, or calendar updates. This is how you get quick and easy access to all the information you need.


Last but certainly not least is the new Facebook Jostes section. Jostes allows you to connect with your target audience and get critical insights from them. It provides the ability to monitor mentions, conversations, and shares to help you improve your business. With this new functionality you can integrate social media management, analytics, and lead generation all in one place.


Businesses are quickly realizing that they need a simplified user experience in one of their applications. The Facebook Business Suite offers this by unifying your main interface. For example, with the Home app, you have a home page with a feed of news blurbs from the world. In the Facebook Business Suite, you have a home page, which displays your company’s main profile, a blog, and then additional pages for your restaurants, shops, or other businesses. Separating these into separate applications allows you to manage them accordingly.


Aside from simplifying your business, the Facebook Business Suite gives you access to a wealth of analytical reports. You have the opportunity to manage all these elements through one place and view detailed performance at any time. You will even be able to manage custom scoring so you can get a better idea of your customer’s thoughts about your services and products. The suite even comes with the popular Google Places business listing feature, which makes it easier than ever to generate leads or generate sales leads through the search engine.


If you need to manage your business accounts more effectively, the Facebook Business Suite has solutions for you. You can use the apps for Facebook marketing, Facebook Insights for growth and fan page insights, and Salesforce dashboards so you can track and manage your customers and employees. You can even create ads with these apps that will give you immediate insights on who is performing well and who isn’t. You can get important data such as engagement and loyalty from these adverts. The features provided by the suite allow you to run your business more efficiently and increase profits.


For example, if you want to create ads that inform your customers about sales events or discounts, you will be able to do that using the Facebook Business Suite. Once you set up your fan page, you can see how many people are interested in your page and how much they are actually purchasing from your store. If you want to create ads that will help you manage employee scheduling posts, you can do that too. The insights provided by the suite will help you manage your business more effectively. fb stock

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