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Ways to Check Your Ads Manager Ad Placement

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A tool to help you manage and optimize your ads campaign on Facebook. Facebook Ads Manager gives you key information on your ads performance and trackbacks. It offers a complete suite of key features that allow you to accurately track your ads, creative bids and ad creatives. It offers you a complete solution to help you run an effective ad campaign on Facebook Ads


Let’s take a look at the features offered by Facebook ads manager. This is the ad manager dashboard where you can have all the details about your specific ads and ad groups. You can also set up new ad groups and trackbacks. The main view of this ad management system is the campaign settings. Here you have access to all your campaign options. You have to create, edit and maintain your ad groups.


Ads are a vital component of online marketing. In order to attract visitors and convert them into buyers, you need to create compelling ads. You have to target the right audience and reach out to them using your specific keywords. Using sophisticated techniques, you can ensure that your ads are reaching the right place. All this is possible only with the help of ad campaigns and ads manager.


Ads Manager has several other useful features. Ads Manager offers the advanced viewer tools which allows you to test your different ads against competitor ads in the same format. The split testing option in this website is available for testing three types of ads – image ads, text option and links section. The text option lets you test your ads in different languages. There are various options in the links section such as enabling or disabling ads.


It is always advisable to keep your ad copy as short as possible. Long ads with very long copy may not prove to be effective because readers will get bored. The image ratio option allows you to control the image ratio and thus plays a crucial role in increasing your online traffic.


For better click through rates (CTR), you can also use image ads that are up to 2 seconds in duration. Image ads are preferred more by younger audiences because they can grasp the meaning better. Long ads may cause boredom among the older generation. But image ads can be designed in such a way that they hold the interest of the younger generation.


When it comes to the placement of your ads, there is a great difference between image and text ads. Placing text ads at the top of the page can be beneficial but risky because you run the risk of the audience skipping your ad to go to the next displayed advertisement. Text ads need to be placed at strategic positions such as the side or the bottom. But if you are selling products or services with more than one page, then it is recommended that you create multi-page ads using image ratio and fixed image sizes. In order to maximize the potential of your ads, you can place them in spots that have the highest traffic flow.


It is important that you know which position has the highest CTR so that you can use it to your advantage while generating leads. There is also an aspect ratio that needs to be checked and that is the ratio of the text and graphic ads side by side. If the ratio is too high, then the text ads will be effectively ignored and viewers will only glance on the graphic ads.


The other aspect that is necessary to be checked is the ad-set level. Every ad set level has its own benefit. If you want to generate leads to your website, then you need to make sure that you set ads at the appropriate levels. For example, you can increase the level at which you display ads based on the number of visitors who see your landing page. Similarly, you can increase the CTRs of your ads based on the average position of your ads across the web. And if you want to reach your target audience, then you can set a limit for the number of characters that you are allowed to use.


Another aspect that is important to be checked before you make a purchase is the post page limit of your ad sets. This is because there are many users who post their ads alongside many pages. There are some ads that can be viewed even when the page views are very low. The page post limit prevents your ads from being displayed on pages where there are not many users.


The final aspect that is required to be checked before making a purchase is the ratio of video ads to one line of text. Most of the Ad Manager tools have controls in front of the ad units so that you can adjust the ratio for better results. In fact, this is also a very important aspect to be considered. A high ratio can mean lower CTRs and higher conversion rates. Therefore, you should always go in for smaller video ads and keep the ratio as high as possible.

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